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Lava Dragon by NamesisWolf Lava Dragon by NamesisWolf
drew based on seralune 's egg design here:…

-EDIT 1: I edited out her egg design since i forgot to earlier: also i think im making her one of the dragon types like Yulia (who chose for themselves another form> so now to figure out what her other form should be, and what her personality/name is)-

I might still use this design no matter how it turns out (i'll just cut out the egg bit and/or replace it with a different egg design). I wanted to make this dragon look like molten lava and lava rock but the horns/claws/unders are suppose to be obsidian -I think of obsidian and lava kind of going together but i believe i failed a bit on the shiny part on the obsidian-

This took about 4 hours to do if not longer

I would have loved to give this girly (yes its a girl was debating on it as i drew her) some fancy armor but my problems are: 1-im terrible at designing clothing/armor 2-I didnt want to spend another 4+ hours on it 3-I'd like it to be unique and i suck at unique designs.

I might give her another form- only 1 other form though she'd be apart of a race that can chose what there other form is so i just gotta figure that one out.  
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Submitted on
December 7, 2016
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